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with Prof. Jaya Sekhar

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This is a recording of the Palmistry Intensive Course Weekend Workshop 13 – 14 September 2008

Prof Jaya Shekhar was born in a family of traditional vedic astrologers and was initiated into Jyotish and other psychic subjects including astrology by his father. He is a great exponent of Jyotish with an extensive following internationally and in India. He is the author of various books including “The Best Bet” and “Shadbala”.

This is a rare workshop on Palmistry and the focus will be on “Karmic compulsions and motivations hidden in the pathways of the palm which are revealed through the study of palmistry.”

The weekend is a crash course. Through the study of palmistry Professor Jaya Sekhar, explains how to interpret the patterns on:

* The Fingers
* The Mounts
* The Peaks
* The Principal lines
* The Subordinate lines
* The Capillary lines
* The Symbols on the Mounts
* The marking of Age
* Time on the lines
* and lots more….