Nakshatra Mandala Workshop with Pt Sanjay Rath

 2 Day Workshop with Pt Sanjay Rath

Sanjay presented an in-depth knowledge from the Jaimini Tradition on Nakshatras over two days. The Nakshatra material presented was shared with us for the first time outside of India. Available to buy as two Mp3’s to download.


The Nakshatra Mandala which is the highest heaven in the manifested world which includes the span and physical identification; introduction to 27 and 28 nakshatra chakra and the rishis.

Triloka chakra shows how they map into the three worlds including the world of numbers and the decimal system; various other details including the navatara scheme with the simple vedic methods to remember planet ownerships, nature and other small facts that will show you how the mind works and how some strange connections are made. The Tattva of the nakshatra and their impact on the way of life.

On the next MP3 Sanjay goes a little into each of these 27 material world nakshatra and try to understand some of their features and how this manifests in life.

How are our relationships manifesting? What is the peculiar way in which we think about spousal, parental and other relationships and so on.

After all, the body and soul will follow whatever the mind of man understands and desires. What is the four petal lotus held by Brahma?

Pushkara and its manifestation in life. What is this void called shoonya? Why do some things become a big zero? There is a very simple way to remember all this…and that is what we intend to teach.

So let’s get into this mind map, this nakshatra mandala.

Nakshatras have multiple characteristics (such as aspects, tattvas, gunas, gandanta points and pushkara, devatas, and yogas)

The Cost is £100 for the 2 Day Workshop available as a download. For members only so join today!