2019 BAVA Conference

2019 BAVA Conference

Theme: Love, Marriage and Relationships

All lectures are 90 mins. Each day is one Mp3 and costs £39, except for Sanjay Rath’s workshops £100 and Komilla Sutton and Dr. Andrew Foss £50.

Friday 19 April

Pandit Samavedula: Remedies for Relationships.
Komilla Sutton and  Dr Andrew Foss: Introduction to Conference.
Pandit Sanjay Rath: Keynote – Seeking ‘Sukha’ (happiness) in Relationships.Samskara which is also a manifestation of Karma in 4th and 10th Houses play a critical role in defining our choice of partners – that can make a great marriage or can completely destroy one’s life.
Dalibor Ambrus: Longevity of Marriage.
Visti Larsen: Dealing with Marriage Delay and Denial. Some go through life with longings and fleeting romances which may only fructify at a later stage, or never. This talk focuses on discerning how and why such occurrences transpire through the Navamsa (D-9) chart and how to ascertain the remedy for the same.

Saturday 20th April

Pandit Samavedula: Mantras for Relationships.
Keiko Ito: Yoni Kuta – Embracing your Spirit Animal in your Vedic Chart. Yoni Kuta is a method of measuring sexual compatibility by assigning an animal to each Nakshatra. By understanding the zoological characteristics of each animal and using example charts, we can go beyond sexual compatibility to understand about people and their personal compatibility.
Pandit Sanjay Rath: Upapada and Pacakadi sambandha. Timing the effect of Vimsottari dasa (Moon based) using pacakadi sambandha of planets in relationships.
Vijaya Subramanian: The importance of the 12th house in relationships. Looking at the planets in the house and the lord of the house to see the conditions they impose and to suggest remedies to satisfy them.
Dr Andrew Foss: Understanding the in-laws. Relationships connect families and this often impacts the relationship in a positive or negative way. It helps to understand how to read these relations in the chart so we can better cope with the challenges or opportunities they bring.
Sarbani Rath: Jala Tattva in Venus. Jala tattva in Venus is the cause of all relationships. We see how the houses from Venus-Lagna can show the manifestation or destruction of this tattva. How do planets conjoining Venus define when we meet someone who really loves us? Let’s see how planets afflicting Venus cause the jala tattva to dry up – especially its inimical vayu tattva (planets).

Sunday 21st April

Faculty Plenary: Hot topics – Brexit, future of UK, Jupiter Gandanta, Saturn and Ketu conjunction and more.
Sarbani Rath: Shukramsha. The navamsa occupied by Venus is Shukramsha. It shows the first major relationship (or marriage) and how this can become ‘baggage or blessing’ based on Shukramsha in individual charts. Is this static or does Shukramsha effect change with time and relationships?
Komilla Sutton:  Mahendra Kuta – the wealth compatibility. The 4th nakshatra from the birth nakshatra is connected to wealth and prosperity. Mahendra kuta judges the 4th nakshatra and multiple of four, such as 7, 10, 13 and so on. If the Male nakshatra is 4th from the Moon of the female chart or the multiples, then the couple will have Mahendra Kuta. This kuta does not have any points but is important for overall prosperity. – Komilla has researched this and has a fresh perspective.
Charlotte Benson: How the Modern (Outer) Planets can Influence Relationships. Defining the meaning of contemporary Prajapati (Uranus), Varuna (Neptune), and Yama/Kubera (Pluto) in the rasi.  The Bhavas which these slow-moving planets occupy, their contacts with other grahas, and what they activate by transit, are anomalous and complex areas.  Their contacts with relationship houses and karakas indicate special karmas to consider.
Kanwel Thapar: Family Relations as seen from the D2 chart.
Visti Larsen: Avoiding Marital Discord, Separation and Divorce. For those lucky enough to marry, keeping the marriage alive is forever a focus. This talk shows how to ascertain the nature of a marital discord, when it may arise and how to guard against it.

Workshops with Pandit Sanjay Rath

Marriage & Love Relationships Part I: Understand Vivaha Definitions, Love and Marriage; House/Sign of Venus (a) home or svaksetra is Taurus (2nd house), office or mulatrikoṇa is Libra (7th house), it’s delight or exaltation or uccha is Pisces (12th house) and it’s fall or debility is Virgo (6th house); Venus under nodal affliction and its guna; Marriage(s) Progression; Upapada, Darapada combined; Which UL will give marriage; Length of marriage.
Part II: Lagna Matching and effect of sadastaka, dvirdvadasa and trikona flaws and remedy; Lagnesa and Subhapati (Rasi Lord) Matching; Marriage Muhurta – Root principles. Objective: foretell the possible lagna and rasi of spouse.
Part III: Twelve Houses of Marriage; Marriage(s) Progression; Effect of Venus; Years affecting relationship – good and bad years for marriage.

Workshops with Komilla Sutton and Dr. Andrew Foss

Komilla Sutton: Venus Jupiter and Moon and their role in judging relationships.
There are two important aspects – one in the natal chart which shows the nature of your personal relationship experience and then in compatibility – your ability to relate to the other person. If the personal experience regarding relationships is faulty, then it is difficult to relate to the other. This workshop will first study the role Venus who is naisargika karaka for marriage. In addition, Jupiter is karaka for the husband and Moon for the mind. These all play a role in identifying how you feel about relationships and your own connection to them. If these planets are under stress, then it is difficult to relate with others. Suggestions will be made how to purify and improve their quality. Then we will analyse their connection with partners to see how we connect with them.

Dr Andrew Foss: Relationships and the nodes.
The nodes Rahu and Ketu play a critical role in relationships, making and breaking them. Most relationships have a nodal link causing the root connection. At the same time, the nodes cause many complications. In this workshop we will explore the role of the nodes and the dramas they can excite and how to survive them.

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