2017 BAVA Conference

2017 Conference ‘The Four Aims of Life’

All  lectures are 90 mins. Each day is one Mp3 and costs £28, except for Sanjay Rath’s workshops.

Thursday 27 April

Pandit Nanda Kumar: Ganapathy Puja

Pandit Sanjay Rath:  Dasa Maha Vidhya Pandit Rath explains the origin of the ten wisdom goddesses, their connection to the  ’10 planets’ including the lagna and the 10 directions and how to worship them.

Workshop Komilla Sutton: Karma, 10th house, Dashamsa, Amatyakaraka and Saturn: truly understanding what karma is about.

Friday 28 April

Workshop Andrew Foss: The Dharma Trikona. The key to understanding human life and its transformations.

Plenary Pandit Sanjay Rath: Graha Acchadana Lagna represents wisdom, but each graha defines a peculiar intelligence and this is the acchadana of each of the six planets.

Komilla Sutton: The importance of 2nd house.

Sonal Sachdeva: Pushkara Navamsas.

Saturday 29 April

Plenary Sarbani Rath: Vivaha Anubhava The 8th house of Mangalya Sthana (Experiences of Marriage)

Plenary  Pandit Sanjay Rath: The Rajas of Venus Our birth is caused by unbridled desires from a previous incarnation and Venus is this desire. How this desires of Venus manifest is examined by the Rajas of Venus.

Bulbul Barrett: Techniques for Using the Purusharthas.

Professor Jaya Sekhar: Prayas Chitha and Parihara.

Andrew Foss: Bondage and Liberation – Moksha Houses.

Vijaya Subramanian: What is my Being or What is my Dharma?

Sunday 30 April

All Speakers Faculty Panel: Plenary UK and French elections and Eclipse, Nama Nadi

Bill Sinclair: Three Ramas- Unlocking the Inner Planets

Keiko Ito: 3rd House Understanding the kama archetype in the light of the 3rd house.

Sarbani Rath: Prarabdha Diksha- Carrying forward spiritual initiations from a past life.

Professor Jaya Sekhar: Janma, Chandra and Surya Lagnas.

Geoffrey Pearce: Moksha Houses: 4, 8 and 12.

Gordon Brennan: Dharma, Numerology and the Perfection of Number Nine.


Monday 1st/ 2nd May Workshops with Sanjay Rath

Navamsa Insights, Karakamsa, Lagnamsa, Money matters, Marriage, Reationships and Celibacy; Moksha Dictums

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