2016 BAVA Conference

2016 Financial Astrology Conference

All  lectures are 90 mins. Each day is one Mp3 and costs £28.

Thursday 14 April

Workshop and Puja: Pandit Samavedula. Lakshmi Sadhana – Participatory Lakshmi Puja and talk

Workshop Komilla Sutton: Wealth, finances and Sade Sati

Friday 15 April

Workshop Andrew Foss: Using the SarvatoBhadraChakra for finances.

Plenary Sanjay Rath: Jupiter as the Karaka of wealth

Ch.V. Ananth: Upachayas and Planets:Truth about Wealth-A Dharmic Approach

Keiko Ito: Dhana Yogas

Saturday 16 April

Bulbul Barrett: What’s stopping you from enjoying material wealth and remedies to overcome the blocks?

Ch.V. Ananth: Kubera mantras and other mantras for prosperity

Sanjay Rath: Sun as Primary Controller of Wealth

Sarbani Rath: The very auspicious Sri Lagna

Vijaya Subramanian: Chaturthamsa – D4 – Property and Inheritance

Komilla Sutton: Dhana and Labha Bhavas – wealth and income

Sunday 17 April

Plenary Session with all the Speakers: Brexit, ISIS and US election

Gordon Brennan: How to spot a financial disaster before it happens

Andrew Foss: AmatyaKaraka and career

Sarbani Rath: Srimanta – the Mark of Achievers

Barry Rosen: Trading and Investing from Your Chart: Using Transits, Dashas and Tarabala and Yogi Points

Geoffrey Pearce: Using the Symbolism of the Drekkanas

Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th April Two Workshops with Sanjay Rath

Foundations of Financial Astrology Part 1 and 2: Price £56

  • Critical bhavas for wealth in rasi (D1), navamsa (D9) and sastiamsa (D60).
  • Understanding the principles behind formation of dhana yogas, sthira-rasi and paṇapara.
  • Initiation of wealth and income; Role of Moon and Society.
    Some Dhana Yogas of BPHS.
  • Also Daridra Yoga; Understanding Kemadruma; People (relationship) as harbinger of fortune (wealth); Srimanta Yoga of Jaimini; Derivation of other dhana yoga from Srimanta Yoga.

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