2016 BAVA 18th International Conference

lakshmi-saraswati-and-ganesha2016 Financial Astrology Conference
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14th to 19th April 2016 London, UK.

The Workshops are with Pandit Samavedula, Komilla Sutton, Andrew Foss and Sanjay Rath

The Faculty of Esteemed Vedic Astrologers:-

Pdt Sanjay Rath, Sarbani Rath, Pdt Samavedula, Keiko Ito, Bulbul Barrett, Vijaya Subramanian, Komilla Sutton, Andrew Foss, Geoffrey Pearce, Gordon Brennan, Barry Rosen.


Mandeville Place
Mandeville Place

Workshops on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday
The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place London W1U 8EA. Nearest tube station Baker Street.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Programme
11/13 Mandeville Place, London WIU 3AJ, UK. (nearest tube station Bond Street) Google Map

2016 BAVA Conference Programme

A  is for Advanced. B is for beginners.

komilla sutton
Komilla Sutton

Thursday 14 April at 50 Gloucester Place

10am-12:30pm – Workshop and Puja. Pandit Samavedula. Lakshmi Sadhana – Participatory Lakshmi Puja and talk

2pm-5pm Workshop – Komilla Sutton. Wealth, finances and Sade Sati

Friday 15 April at 11/13 Mandeville Place

Andrew Foss
Andrew Foss

9:30am-12:30pm Workshop – Andrew Foss. Using the SarvatoBhadraChakra for finances.

2:15pm Opening of Conference

2:30pm Plenary Sanjay Rath. Jupiter as the Karaka of wealth

4:30pm B Ch.V. Ananth. Upachayas and Planets:Truth about Wealth-A Dharmic Approach

4:30pm A Keiko Ito. Dhana Yogas

6:30pm Visit to Murugan Temple (shared travel cost)

Saturday 16 April at 11/13 Mandeville Place

bulbul barrett
Bulbul Barrett

9.00am A Bulbul Barrett. What’s stopping you from enjoying material wealth and remedies to overcome the blocks?

9.00am B Ch.V. Ananth. Kubera mantras and other mantras for prosperity

11.00pm Plenary Sanjay Rath. Sun as Primary Controller of Wealth

1.00pm Lunch

2.00pm Plenary. Sarbani Rath. The very auspicious Sri Lagna

4.00pm A Vijaya Subramanian. Chaturthamsa – D4 – Property and Inheritance

4.00pm B Komilla Sutton. Dhana and Labha Bhavas – wealth and income

6pm Shri Jyoti Software Presentation with Andrew Foss

7.15pm Dinner

Sunday 17 April at 11/13 Mandeville Place

barry rosen
Barry Rosen

9am Faculty panel plenary. Hot topics of the moment

11.00am B Gordon Brennan. How to spot a financial disaster before it happens

11.00am A Andrew Foss. AmatyaKaraka and career

1.00pm Lunch

2.00pm Plenary Sarbani Rath. Srimanta – the Mark of Achievers

4.00pm B Barry Rosen. Trading and Investing from Your Chart: Using Transits, Dashas and Tarabala and Yogi Points

4.00pm A Geoffrey Pearce. Using the Symbolism of the Drekkanas

Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th April
Two Day Workshop with Sanjay Rath at 50 Gloucester Place

sanjay rath
Sanjay Rath

10am-5.00pm Sanjay Rath. Foundations of financial astrology

  • Critical bhavas for wealth in rāśi (D1), navāṁśa (D9) and ṣaṣṭiāṁśa (D60).
  • Understanding the principles behind formation of dhana yogas, sthira-rāśi and paṇapara.
  • Initiation of wealth and income; Role of Moon and Society.
    Some Dhana Yogas of BPHS.
  • Also Daridra Yoga; Understanding Kemadruma; People (relationship) as harbinger of fortune (wealth); Śrīmanta Yoga of Jaimini; Derivation of other dhana yoga from Śrīmanta Yoga.