2015 BAVA Conference

2015 Bava Conference to Buy

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Thursday 23 April

Workshop and Puja: Pandit Samavedula: Navagraha and Brihaspati (Jupiter) Puja Workshop focused on Jupiter and the guru.

Workshop Komilla Sutton: Sun Nakshatras and Destiny
Certain nakshatras from Surya show the fruits of the past lives. These show the karma – both good and bad that we have to experience in this life time. As Surya is the soul, Atma – the nakshatras from it reflect the fixed karma- one we cannot avoid.  Phaladeepika call them upagrahas of the Sun (different from the other upagrahas or shadows of the Sun like Dhuma etc).

This knowledge comes from the Sarvatobhadra chakra which shows certain times when destiny is experienced and points to 8 nakshatras which hold the key to the destiny. These are known as Suryanaat Nakshatras.

Friday 24 April

Workshop Andrew Foss: The fundamental flaws of all the Ascendants and their remedies.

Every Ascendant has a particular flaw or weakness. There are two types of flaw depending on the distribution of the stars as interpreted by the sages.

This knowledge has not been fully presented before but is very critical for understanding ourselves and the charts or others. As well as going through the 12 Ascendants, Andrew will discuss the traditional remedies.

Andrew Fos: Introduction to the Conference (15 mins)

Keiko: What is Shakti and how can it be indicated in a chart?

Lakshmi Ramesh: Varnada, our natural flavour

Gordon Brennan: How to understand the Yoga in the Panchanga

Bulbul Barrett:  ‘Secrets of Power – the interplay of Jupiter, Saturn and Sun in the chart’

Saturday 25 April

Gary O’Toole: An Astrological Guide to Fitness

Pandit Samavedula: Mantras and remedies for relationships

Sarbani Rath: The Neshta Graha, finding a mate

Geoffrey Pearce: A systematic approach to chart interpretation

Komilla Sutton: Lunar Yogas – positive and challenging – how they support the mind or create emotional trauma

Sanjay Rath: Nara Chakra – the body and its weaknesses

Sunday 26 April

Faculty panel plenary: UK Elections May 2015

Plenary Sanjay Rath: Income Generation

Gary O’Toole: Compensating for Debilitated Planets

Andrew Foss: Using the Special Nakshatras

Sarbani Rath: Durga, her manifestations in life

Monday 27 April One Day Workshop with Sanjay Rath

Sanjay Rath: Relationships and Marriage

Pandit Sanjay Rath is famous for his uniquely innovative teaching. For the first time, he will show us how the interaction and overlapping of planetary energies creates and sustains our relationships including marriage.

Another key element is the Upapada Lagna, something which Parashara and Jaimini teach but which has been largely ignored by Vedic astrologers. Sanjay will show how this and other key techniques are used.

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