2013 BAVA Conference

Theme: ‘Rahu and Ketu, Understanding and Remedies through Jyotish, Mantra, Vaastu and Yantra’

Friday April 19

Workshop with Pandit Sharma Samavedula: ‘Understanding the Shri Chakra’

Saturday April 20

Andrew Foss: Opening ceremony, introduction of faculty

Andrew Foss: Bhrigu Bindus, the dynamic between the nodes and the grahas

Steve Hubball: Rahu and Ketu – Can they give Raja Yoga?

Pandit Samavedula: Rahu and Ketu mantras and other remedies

Niranjan Babu: Muhurta or time management

Komilla Sutton: Ketu dasha

Pieter Veltevrede: My life with Harish Johari

Sunday April 21

‘The Rahu Saturn conjunction in Libra’ plenary with faculty

Gordon Brennan: Rahu and Ketu Chakras – Predicting based on the Nakshatra positions

Keiko Ito: Rahu dasha

Komilla Sutton: Rahu and secrecy

Paul Barker: The Effect of Rahu/Ketu Axis in Mundane Astrology

Andrew Foss: Kala Sarpa and Kala Amrita Yoga

Niranjan Babu: Vastu and Navagrahas

Monday April 22

Workshop with Niranjan Babu: Vastu, birth chart and Gochara (transits)

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