2012 Conference Speakers

BAVA has the honour of these illustrious astrologers lecturing at this year’s annual conference:

Prof Jaya Shekhar

Jaya is a great exponent of Jyotish with an extensive following both in India and Europe. He is the author of various books including The Best Bet, and the forthcoming Shadbala. Jaya Sekhar has been the President of the Institute of Astrological Studies, Madras; the Vice-president of the Institute of Indian Astrology, Calcutta; and Research Director of the astrological section of Bharat Nirman, New Delhi.

He has presented papers, given conferences and conducted workshops on varied subjects such as palmistry, Vasthu and Hindu philosophy and yoga. His Intensive Palmistry workshop is available to buy>

Pandit Sharma C.S. Samavedula

Pandit Sharma is a 6th generation Sama Veda pandit and a Shri Vidya Upasaka. In 1990, after 12 years of study, Pandit Sharma received his Master’s Degree in Vedic Studies (Ganapati Pandit). During this time he learnt the grammar and other aspects of Sanskrit and the performance of different kinds of pujas and yagyas.

In 2002, he founded the Vedic Yagya Center located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India and Fairfield, Iowa. His Center offers to individuals, organizations and businesses Vedic yagyas (sacred ceremonies), homams (ancient fire ceremonies), and pujas as prescribed in the Vedas and Shastras, the holy Indian scriptures. By utilizing the sound vibrations of specific Sanskrit mantras, these performances can help alleviate many problems of our modern times.

Barry Rosen

Barry has advised clients for 25 years on market timing using modern adaptations to Vedic astrology. His company, Fortucast Market Timing Inc., publishes monthly, daily and intraday reports on over 17 futures markets, 20 ETF’s using Gann, Elliott wave and five cyclical model.  50% of his predictions are derived from Vedic astrology directly. Barry has been working with personal charts, business charts and commoditiy charts and published numerous articles in Gann and Elliott Wave, Trader’s World, the NCGR  Journal (National Council of Geocosmic Rearch), The Traders Astrological Almanac and has appeared on CNBC  and has worked with top money managers. He currently has 450 clients ranging from farmers to ETF traders to day traders.  He can be reached at research@fortucast.com and he currently resides in Sedona, AZ.

Edith Hathaway

Edith began her astrological studies in 1976, and her private practice in 1980. Trained and certified in systems of both East and West, she transitioned to Vedic astrology in 1988, after receiving Level IV certification as Consulting Astrologer from the National Council of Geocosmic Research, and Master Astro*Carto* Grapher certification from Jim Lewis. In 1996 the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences awarded her the Jyotish Kovid.

She is an international consultant, writer, teacher, and lecturer. A Board member of the American College of Vedic Astrology, she is a faculty member since 1992. Her new book ‘In Search of Destiny’ is due out in 2012. See www.edithhathaway.com

Andrew Foss

Dr Andrew Foss

Andrew is the President and co-founder of the British Association of Vedic Astrology. He has a BA and MA from Oxford University in Physics and an MSc and PhD in Computing Science. He is the author of the leading software for Vedic Astrology, Shri Jyoti Star and the editor of the journal Gochara.

He is a Jaimini Scholar and has lectured internationally on Jyotish, Ayurveda and computing and has published extensively in Astronomy and Computing in peer-reviewed journals along with many articles in Jyotish. See www.vedicsoftware.com

Komilla SuttonKomilla Sutton

Komilla is the co-founder and Chairperson of BAVA. She is the author of Vedic Love Signs, Lunar Nodes – Crisis and Redemption, Vedic Astrology and Essentials of Vedic Astrology.

Komilla also writes a Vedic Column for Transit and has had many articles published in the Mountain Astrologer, AA Journal and The Lodge Quarterly. Komilla runs regular Vedic Astrology courses in London, USA and India. See www.komilla.com

Steve HubballDr Steve Hubball

Steve has his PhD in mathematics. Steve is a Professional Vedic Astrologer and Jaimini Scholar, studying under the guidance of Pandit Sanjay Rath.  He is a member of BAVA and CVA, and is the UK Teacher for Dirah Academy International, which offers email correspondence courses in Vedic Astrology.

Steve is also available for private consultations: Tel: +44 (0)1228 674225. See www.vedic-astrology.org.uk

Paul Barker

Paul Barker, PhD, has postgraduate qualifications in science and business. He has studied spiritual numerology and other esoteric disciplines as well as Jyotish. Paul has been studying with distinguished BAVA teachers since 2006 and is now a student on the Jaimini Scholar and Parasara programmes.

He is President of the Leeds Theosophical Society, and he works as a business coach and part-time vedic astrology consultant. See www.lunarastrology.co.uk

Gordon Brennan

Gordon Brennan

Gordon is a professional astrologer and dealer in Vedic astrology books. He will have a large selection of Vedic books avialable to buy at the conference. He teaches the BAVA courses and is tutor for SJC Study Group.

Gordon is a BAVA committee member.

Vijaya Subramanian

Vijaya began studying Jyotish with BAVA under Geoffrey Pearce and Gordon Brennan in 2004. She is a long time student of Vedanta and is a researcher in the subject of Jyotish. She has published some articles in Jyotish Digest.

She is currently studying the BHPS program under her Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath.

Alexander Lubenskis (Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba)

Shiva is a student and teacher of Ayurveda and Jyotish and is the leading exponent in his country of Latvia.