2012 BAVA Conference

Theme: Crisis of Materialism?

Thursday April 26 Two workshops

Komilla Sutton: Special Nakshatras of the Sun

Dr Andrew Foss: Special Nakshatras of the Moon

Friday April 27

Workshop Barry Rosen: Practical Techniques for Predicting Financial Markets, both Long and Short Term

Prof. Jaya Sekhar Keynote address: Customising Gochara (transit). Effective use of Gochara rules.

Komilla Sutton: 2012, Rare Twin Transits of Venus, May Eclipse and the Mayan Calendar

Saturday April 28

Paul Barker: Chara Karakas and the Purusarthas: Spiritual Paths in a Material World

Dr Andrew Foss: Vedhas, How Nakshatras aspect

Edith Hathaway: Graha Yuddha: Reassessing its Importance in Birth Charts, Transits and JU-SA conjunction cycles

Pandit Samavedula: Understanding Lakshmi Puja

Gordon Brennan: Progressed Charts for the UK and near Future Prospects

Komilla Sutton: Aprakash Graha – Shadows of the Sun

Barry Rosen: Secrets of Short-term Timing in the Financial Markets: Being Precise to the Day and Part of the Day  (also online)

Vijaya Subramanian: The 12 Adityas and the soul of nations

Sunday April 29

Plenary with Faculty: Economic and spiritual crisis and opportunity

Alex Lubenskis: Political Prospects for 2012

Dr Andrew Foss: Raja Yoga and Liberation

Barry Rosen: Financial Forecasts for the Years of Change 2012-2015

Edith Hathaway: Historical Context and Collective Destiny: Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction and Orbital Cycles

Prof. Jaya Sekhar: The Special uses of Sarvatobhadra Chakra

Monday April 30

Workshop with Prof. Jaya Sekhar: Detecting and Managing Crises and Effective use of Remedies

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