2009 BAVA Conference

Business and Financial Astrology with Leading International Experts in the Field

Thursday April 16th

Workshop with Drew Lawrence: Business Astrology for Executives and Entrepreneurs

Drew Lawrence’s corporate clients include executives from Microsoft, Google, Boeing, Jet Propulsion Labs, Motorola, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Starbucks, UPS, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse, to name a few. In this workshop, Drew discusses and shows examples of how he has been able to help these people achieve success in their respective fields.

Friday April 17th

Workshop with Phil Anderson: The practical application of counting degrees to assist market traders take profits from the markets. Phil is famous for his correct predictions of the markets and he will explain some of his behind-the-scenes techniques.

Workshop with Barry Rosen: The Missing Dimension to Gann’s Legacy

D. W. Gann was famous for discussing the importance of charting time but what does that really mean? Gann was known to have used Western astrology and even developed the famous Gann wheel from Indian tea merchants. Going beyond Gann’s primitive use of using outer astrological aspects, Barry Rosen will teach you to chart time on a calendar and will show how to include ten dimensions of Vedic astrological timing as well as some Western aspects and heliocentric astrology.

He will then focus on how to use the chart to focus on predicting the future. If you can, purchase Jim Maynard’s Celestial Influences Calendar 2009 ( wall edition) as starting place to fill in the calendar. ( If not, Barry will bring some photocopies for you to fill in.)

Main Conference Saturday April 18th 7 Lectures

Yagyas and Mantras by Pandit Samavedula

R G Krishnan: How to evaluate trends in the Commodity Markets

This includes “Real Estate Markets” explaining in detail as to how to evaluate the trends in the price of Gold on a month to month basis for the year 2009.

Phil Anderson: Timing the stock market.

The method of the legendary Wall Street trader, W. D. Gann to help us time the stock market. This talk will present the results of Phil’s research into historical and economic cycles, which shows the cause of financial crashes over the last two centuries.

Komilla Sutton: What it takes to be a Billionaire

What is it in the chart that makes a person extremely wealthy. Charts of Billionaires self made and inherited wealth, plus study the chathurthamsa, navamsha and dashamsha charts and the wealth yogas.

Drew Lawrence Muhurta Astrology — Creating Success for All

In this lecture, Drew Lawrence will show you what works and what doesn’t work for business leaders who are depending on you to help them succeed in their latest business enterprise.

Gordon Brennan: The Elements – what they are and how we use them

How the elements relate to wealth and finances. What is the appearance and what is the reality. How we recognise the presence of each of the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space at a physical or a subtle level. How the planets relate to the elements.

Barry Rosen: Interpreting the Daily Astrological “Weather Forecast”: How to use Mundane Astrology to Predict Daily Market Movement.

Have you ever noticed how some days are strong up days, strong down days; sideways days or everything seems higher that day or everything is lower that day? While astrology is sometimes 1000 shades of grey, by charting a calendar of daily events and examining it closely , one can predict the flavor the day for general commodities and stock indices. While planetary aspects and dashas are more important, so many times, if you are in doubt what will happen on a particular day, you can rely on the general daily forecast. Expanding even on his workshop from Friday, Barry will go into great detail about examining daily forecasting.

Geoffrey Pearce: Astrological causes of financial cycles affecting USA and UK economies. Geoffrey will present his extensive research into historical financial cycles and what causes financial crises.

Sunday April 19th 5 lectures and plenary session:

Drew Lawrence: Making Marriage Last a Lifetime

Drew Lawrence calls upon Paul McCartney and Heather Mills to share the spotlight on marriage marvels and meltdowns.

Andrew Foss: Special techniques for finance

This lecture will explain some little known but powerful methods for understanding and timing financial matters.

Alex Lubenskis: Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba

Some Business Aspects of  Vastu Shastra/Vedic Science Of Placement Part 1. In the lecture he will cover how placements of documents on your table will affect your business as also placement of different items in an office and how to arrange your business to get maximum output, arrangements of a shop, an office, etc. and how to position people, workers, clients in an office, shop and etc. Lunch on your own

Barry Rosen: Global Economic Outlook into 2012-3

Worry about the future of finances is foremost on most minds these days. Using Vedic astrology and focusing on the United States natal chart and US stock market natal chart and other charts, Barry Rosen will make projections for the future of the dollar, gold, and other popular market and offer an unusual explanation for why this is all happening. Unfortunately, the 2009 lows for financials markets are not the end of this mess which could even stretch into 2017.

Alex Lubenskis: Shiva Vakya Siddha Baba. Some Business Aspects Of Vastu Shastra/Vedic Science Of Placement Part 2

Plenary: Faculty Panel on The world financial situation and more – Interactive Discussion.

Monday April 20th

Workshop with RG Krishnan: Financial Astrology

This workshop covers Mundane Astrology and how it is helpful as a tool in understanding Financial Astrology.

It includes:-

  • The key planets which impact the stock market trends
  • Chaitra Sukla pratipada charts
  • Solar ingress charts into the sign of Aries for 2009 of UK, USA, Germany, France, Japan, China & India and how it helps to understand the ‘Big picture’ in regard to Market trends in the year ahead in the stock markets of those countries.
  • Also covered are solar ingress charts for solar ingress into the 12 zodiacal signs, lunation charts, eclipse charts and how they help to evaluate trends in the stock market.
  • How to determine the trends in the stock market month by month and how to determine the trends in the stock market on a daily basis.

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