2008 Conference

Thursday 17th April 2008: 2 Workshops

Workshop with Prof. Jaya Shekar: Kala Sarpa Yoga – The grip of Rahu and Ketu, the 12 types of remedies.

Workshop with Visti Larsen: Argala – Unlocking the door to successful predictions.

Friday 18th April 2008: One Workshop and 3 lectures

Workshop with Andrew Foss: The Atmakaraka and the path of the soul.

Dr K S Charak: Swasthya – Health and Wholeness.

Swami Sita: Mind, emotions and the subconscious.

Alexander Lubenskis: Vastu Shastra – ancient Vedic science of architecture, design and placement.

Saturday 19th April 2008: 8 lectures

Gordon Brennan: Charts of the USA.

Visti Larsen: Atmabandhana – the bondage of the soul.

Komilla Sutton: Desire, Passion and liberation.

Alexander Lubenskis: Conflicts, litigation, competition – who will win.

Steve Hubball: The great astrologers and cosmologists.

Prof. Jaya Shekhar: Spirituality and sannyas.

Andrew Foss: Mantra – harmonising with the cosmic.

Dr K S Charak: New light on dashamsha – Work and career.

 Sunday 20th April 2008: 6 lectures and plenary session:

Prof. Jaya Shekhar: Destiny, fate and karma.

Geoffrey Pearce: Planetary combination indicating unusual intellects.

Pam Carruthers: Jupiter in Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Swami Sita: The classical paths of Yoga as remedial measures.

Komilla Sutton: Shad Ripu – The sixth house and the six great weaknesses.

Visti Larsen: Numerology and Jyotish – How the numbers in your name can impact your life.

Plenary with Faculty panel on current affairs: US election and more with interactive discussion.

Monday 21st April 2008: One Day workshop.

Workshop with Dr K S Charak: Secrets and techniques of medical astrology.

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