2006 BAVA Conference

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This conference is available on Mp3 to download at £28. Each day is one Mp3. All lectures are for 90 minutes.

Thursday 30th March 2006 contains two workshops:

Workshop with Drupada John Macdonald: Vedic Astrology and the Chakras, a yogic approach to the birth chart.
Workshop with Jeffrey Armstrong: Recognising the Ayurvedic body-type from the Vedic chart.

Friday 31st March 2006 contains one workshop and two lectures:

Pandit Sanjay Rath: Jyotish as Sadhana (Spiritual practice)
Steve Hubball: Yogas of Power.
Andrew Foss: The Moods of the Planets – Avasthas: Lajjitadi and Shayanadi

Saturday 1st April 2006 contains six lectures and one plenary session:

Alexander Lubenskis: Prashna – a way to find an answer.
Geoffrey Pearce: Determining the Karma of Countries.
Plenary: Sanjay Rath: The Panchang.
Drupada: Dharma Cycles – The Yuga System of Swami Sri Yukteswar.
Jeffrey Armstrong: The art of counselling in reading the Vedic chart.
Mariella Cassar: Understanding one’s karmic relationship with one’s Mother using Parashara and Jaimini Techniques.

Sunday 2nd April 2006 contains four lectures and two plenary sessions:

Drupada: The Bhavas and the Four Aims of Life – a journey through the astrological houses.
Gordon Brennan: Vimshottari dasha, its rationale and use.
Komilla Sutton: Deities of the Tithis (lunar days) and how they influence the natal chart.
Alexander Lubenskis: Trimshamsa – a landmine map of your life!
Sarbani Sarkar: Nama Tattvas.
Jeffrey Armstrong: The Vedic Astrologer as Matchmaker.
Plenary: Faculty panel lead by Mariella Cassar and Steve Hubball – Interactive discussion.

Monday 3rd April 2006 One day workshop:

Workshop with Sanjay Rath: Understanding the Secret Language of Drekkana.

This Conference is available to buy for members of BAVA

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