2021 Sanjay Rath Workshops for Members

Sanjay Rath Keynote: Bhiṣaja guru: Knowledge of Healing and Cure.

Bhiṣaj means medicine, a remedy, healing, sanative, curing, physician, doctor or even a healer. BAVA 2021 is a focus on the healing powers of the world which includes all this and much more. We at BAVA plan to examine the life-force symbolised by Jupiter, the Guru – hence the title Bhiṣaj Guru covers the conference. Deep within us this beautiful life-force resides taking various forms. He is Ishana and the astamurti protecting life energy in the soul. He is Dakshinamurti protecting from premature or abrupt end of the body. He is Vishnu cleansing us at every level. As jyotisha we learn the various ways in which he is constantly healing us for the sake of life itself.

Ritu (Seasonal) Chakra, the 6 pointed star Part 1 and 2

The suffering the body endures through the changing seasons is nothing compared to the wear and tear the mind experiences through the changing phases – every day and even through the dasha. Let us learn the six-ritu (seasons) of the mind and the six-shakti presiding over these ritu. Let us know how they facilitate healing through the six-rasa.

Kalachakra: Body and Soul Healing Part 1 and 2

Time is the ultimate destroyer – we call Him Kala. The 28 nakshatra, 12 rasi and 10 directions sit in the Kalachakra. However we study one aspect of this which is linked to the healing of the soul. Putting it simply – how can I experience joy from within else all the external joy is so temporary leaving us with a hollowness when it departs.

Jyotisa Chakra healing Part 1 and 2

We all know that the four principal elements manifest through the four kendra. But what holds them together? What adamantine glue keeps them in harmony and balances life? And how can we replenish this? Let us take a look at the four kendra, four lokapala and the one who pervades everything.