Brexit- What do the stars say?

William Shakespeare has much to say about England in his plays – of course there was no UK in his day, nor EU.  However, Hamlet as he lay dying in Denmark seemed to know the future:

“I cannot live to hear the news from England, but I do prophesy the election ….”  Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2.  Also from Macbeth: “It will be rain tonight  (First Murderer:)  Let it come down…”     Macbeth Act 3 Scene 3

Elections, the choices of voters, concern the 3rd house and rain is related to the sign Scorpio, which is the natural 8th house.  8th from 8th is 3rd, so these two houses are closely connected.  The god of the rain, who rules Scorpio is called Parjanya.  The Rg Veda and the Atharva Veda talk about Parjanya.  The god of the rain has great power and of course Scorpio is the sign of transformation.  Everything is transformed when it rains.  Here is a verse from the Rg Veda 5.83

When thou, with thunder and with roar, Parjanya, smitest sinners down, This universe exults thereat, yea, all that is upon the earth   (Griffith translation)

The rain clouds are gathering and the storm is going to pour down beginning on 23rd June.

Brexit- Do we stay or do we go?

Poisonous political arguments have become heated.

Just now Mars and Saturn are in Scorpio while Sun and Venus in Taurus are about to enter Gemini.

On 21st June, when the Sun enters the Nakshatra Ardra, whose deity is the storm god Rudra, astrologers traditionally predict the weather for the next year.  This year Scorpio Lagna for the UK is squeezed between Mars and Saturn.

But first, here is one chart in current use for the UK.  This is for 1945, 144 years after the formation of the UK in 1801.  A new chart has been created out of the original, where the Sun was also at 19.6 degrees of Sagittarius.


Gemini is the relevant sign here in this story.

Joining a large trading block is to do with the 11th house.  There you can see two malefics aspected by the three other malefics with no benefic intervention, except passively by Jupiter.  You could say that there has been some benefit to the wealth of the country, but at great risk.

Mercury is in Marana Karaka Sthana in the Gandanta portion of Scorpio.  In addition Saturn is in a Shunya Nakshatra, so its benefit is null and void.  Therefore we can see that it is just exalted Rahu which represents the EU.

Next we can look at the entry of the UK into the European Economic Community on 1st January 1973.  In the life of the 1945 chart UK this came at the start of the Dasha of 12th lord Moon, Indicating heavy costs to the people themselves.  Using Narayana Dasha as well we see that the event happens at the very end of Sagittarius Leo, again involving the Moon.

Briefly the history is that the UK had applied to join the EEC twice over several years and had been refused entry by the veto of France.  Then Edward Heath became Prime Minister and withdrew the objections that Britain had made to membership.

For example abandoning the UK’s traditional fishing rights, This instantly sacrificed the prosperity of the British Fishing Industry to the Europe project. It resulted in thousands of fishermen losing their jobs, or their businesses going bankrupt.   Several other traditionally prosperous industries suffered similarly.

They were all sacrificed at the altar of Europe.

Great resentment remains against the EU due to these matters.  For Europe read Virgo with the wealth of 8th lord Jupiter captured by big business (Mercury).  For sacrifice we also have the fire energy of Sun, Mars, Ketu in 5th.

Here is the chart.


Appropriately we have Virgo Lagna. 

Initially this chart looks strong with Mars and Jupiter in their own signs, but there are some disturbing matters.

When only 3 houses are occupied by the 7 planets Shula Yoga is formed.  It is described as wrathful, violent.  Mercury is poised at 1 degree Sagittarius in Marana Karaka Sthana, in a dangerous place.  The Moon, 11th lord representing the EU is in trouble, as is Venus, who rules our wealth and good fortune (2nd & 9th).

Venus, Mars and Moon in Scorpio are in a powerful Rudra Yoga causing grief to neighbours (Europe) and also siblings (Scotland).  Venus in 3rd shows mistaken liaisons.

For Virgo Lagna the 10th house Gemini is a problem anyway even without Ketu blowing it out of proportion.  Does this indicate that we should leave now (3rd house), or remain (4th house)?

Simple maths says that four planets in Sagittarius are stronger than three in Scorpio.  However, retrograde Saturn is adding his considerable weight to the third house, so it is a tie.

We have to take into account other factors.

The Vimshottari Dasha on June 23rd will be Venus Moon Saturn indicating exit due to grief.

Let us see what Narayana Dasha says: 

Leo Virgo.  The Dasha of the 12th lord and 1st lord, both in the remain camp.  But Mercury will decide.  Mercury in MKS is not promising a happy outcome.  Saturn should have been very good, being 5th lord in 9th, but it is undone by the retrogression and it is in a Yama Yoga with Mars.

We can look further for more clues.

Rahu, Jupiter and Sun are all in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.

The UK joined the EU on a Sunday and on Sundays Purva Ashadha Nakshatra is dominated by Rakshasa or demonic energy indicating disaster.  It is called a Pata Nakshatra.

So to remain in Europe would inevitably bring some disaster in the Dashas of those planets.  As it started in Saturn Dasha we have not reached those periods yet.

In 1975, two and a half years after the UK’s application to join the EU was accepted we had a referendum on the question ‘Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?’  67% said yes.

You can see why in the chart for the opening of the vote – the benefic and very powerful 10th house is overcoming the 12th house negativity, which is ruled by Venus.  Venus is in a Pata Nakshatra, so trouble ought to come in Venus Dasha.

However Venus’ Nakshatra is also Shunya (void), so the Dasha did not bring great troubles between the UK and the EU.  Instead the influence of the EU grew and grew.  Sun in MKS shows how the UK’s ability to govern itself was damaged.


To look forward to see the effect of the decision we should look at the chart for the closing of the polling stations, at 10pm on the same day.  Here it is:-


The Ascendant has moved along to Sagittarius and the Moon has moved into Aries.  Venus is still in the negative condition due to the Nakshatra Pushya.

Now Venus occupies a very important position – it is on a mission leading the Graha Mallika Yoga, where it is unable to perform.  Furthermore, Saturn and Jupiter are in the same degree and Jupiter will lose his position to Saturn.  When the vote comes on 23rd June the Dasha will be Mars Mars Venus.

Mars further damages Jupiter in the 4th house, as does Saturn’s 10th aspect.  Saturn is strong in the 7th and favours tradition.  Mars destroys the 4th house, comfort and happiness, while Venus in Shunya and in the Pata Nakshatra will mean that the benefit of 6th lord in 8th will be lost.

And the potential power of the Graha Mallika Yoga evaporates.

It looks like Brexit will happen.

Rahu with Ayus debility in MKS in 9th shows great disappointment, even betrayal.  Venus shows that the result will not be clear.  We can look for confirmation in other ways as well.  Here is the Chaitra Shukla chart for this current year, showing the mood of the people and how this will affect the political situation.

The Vimshottari Dasha on 23rd June is Venus Jupiter Saturn, indicating remain (Venus 4th and 11th lord exalted in 9th, but retrograde Jupiter is with corrupting Rahu in the 6th from Venus and in the 4th from Leo is the Yama Yoga.

Mercury the 3rd Lord in the 10th house, indicating the importance of the referendum is in a Shunya Nakshatra and also the ascendant is in Pushya, which is a Pata (fallen) Nakshatra on a Thursday, the election day.

It seems that rather than a clear decision some kind of chaos is going to result from this referendum.

If the leave camp win the vote, then the government will try and frustrate the decision.  If the remain camp win then other disasters will follow.

Brexit Referendum June 23rd

We can also look at the chart for the opening of the polls for Brexit on 23rd June.


Ascendant Lord Moon in 7th – the house indicating exit, in a moveable sign aspected by the separative energies of Saturn and Mars is strongly disposed to leave.  Ketu, 5th lord in the 8th house wants change.

Again the ascendant is in Pushya on a Thursday and this time Jupiter and Rahu are in a Shunya Nakshatra, so they give no benefit.  Sun in 12th in MKS shows the 2nd house to be in a poor condition.  Mercury also exchanges with Venus, so 12th lord becomes stronger.  If this were a child with all of the threats to the second house, you would think its very life was threatened.

One person who seems to be profiting from this mess is the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Here is his chart.  Note the Virgo Lagna and powerful 10th house.


He has stepped up from ex-mayor to prime ministerial candidate.

When the remain campaign insult him and accuse him of having designs on David Cameron’s job this really has the effect of introducing him to the electorate as a serious candidate for that position.

He would be very well capable of filling the role.

His Mercury Dasha will start in September this year.  Mercury is 10th lord in 9th in exchange with 10th lord Venus.  Sun has Digbala, Rahu is exalted in 10th, Lagna lord and 10th lord in 9th in exchange with 10th lord show his rapid progress to a powerful public position in Mercury Dasha.  There are other beneficial Yogas and no planets in the damaging Shunya or Pata Nakshatras.

If the Brexit referendum was the only major issue this year it would be sufficient to cause concern.

Not since 1779 have Mars and Saturn spent so long in Scorpio.  Then there was war all over Europe as well as in the USA.  After Mars moves into Sagittarius in September we can expect some fireworks.

It is also worth considering the European Football Championships taking place now.  The Referendum will come in between the group stage and the knockouts.  If England does well or badly it will affect the way that some people perceive our membership of the EU.  The Yama Yoga in the 5th house of the Chaitra Shukla chart shows violence.

Finally, here are some curious facts to interest modern astrologers.

When Britain joined the EU Uranus was in the 30th degree of Virgo sidereally, conjunct the virgin star Chitra (Spica).

In Greek mythology Europa is the virgin pursued by Zeus.   Now Uranus is in the 30th degree of Pisces exactly half way through its whole cycle, opposite the same star.  In addition the dwarf planet Ceres, the largest body in the asteroid belt, was discovered on the same day as the UK was born in 1801 and on 23rd June Ceres will be with Uranus on 30 degrees of Pisces.

No comment from me!

  • Pata Nakshatras: To reckon Pata or fallen Nakshatras start at Rohini on Wednesday, noting bad effects for any planet in Rohini and the next two Nakshatras, whilst the effect in the fourth Nakshatra is good.  On Thursday Pushya starts the sequence and so on.  Abhijit is used and placed before Sravana in the sequence.  Thus there are four Nakshatras affected each day and in 7 days the 28 are all affected.

© Gordon Brennan 11/6/2016